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The company

We are a farming family from Precenicco, winemakers since 1888. The first important change – today we would call it innovation – came about thanks to our parents, Vittorino and Anita. My dad was among the first in Friuli Venezia Giulia to understand the value of Refosco, one of the oldest of our native varieties, to which we have always remained faithful. The decision to acquire the Valpanera winery was based on this intuition: half of its 50 hectares of vineyards are of the Refosco variety. This area – we are in the Aquileia Doc – is unanimously considered the most suitable for this variety. Our farming culture tells us that if this grape has been able to cross the centuries and reach the 21st century, it certainly has a strong character and an indomitable soul. It is up to us, therefore, to allow it to continue along this journey, combining tradition with the opportunities offered by modern knowledge.
Given that the quality of a wine depends on the work in the vineyard, we have an artisanal approach to wine making, which involves accompanying the transformation of the grapes according to the characteristics of the individual vineyards, and giving attention the health of the wine. We do this using the most important and indispensable ingredient to achieve high quality: time. An abstract element that we transform into practical action, because only time allows the wine to fully express its potential.
Paolo e Alessandro Baccichetto.